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Arabic Recipes of Ramadan

Ramadan is not only considered to be the month of blessings and prayers but on the other hand it is also highly regarded to be the month of tasty and delicious food dishes. In this month Muslims women set them prepared with some of the interesting and yummy food dishes that would help them in making their family members even happier.

People are said to be the heartfelt fans for eating tasty foods during this month. Apart from the Pakistani dishes the Arabic Recipes are also widely known among the women. In this article we are sharing some of the exciting names of famous Ramadan Arabic Recipes 2017.

  1. Eish Saraya
  2. Knafeh
  3. Awamat
  4. Mafroukeh
  5. Umm Ali
  6. Osmallieh
  7. Almond sweet Sambousek
  8. Lentil soup for Soul
  9. Pistachio Bakalava
  10. Znoud Elist
  11. Arabic Pancakes
  12. layali Lubnan
  13. Brides Fingers date rolls with orange flower water honey syrup
  14. Katayef Bi kashta
  15. Basbousa with Pistachio
  16. Kashtaleya
  17. Halawat El-Jibn Kishta
  18. Alkatayef the Arabic pancakes
  19. Ataif the stuffed Arabic pancakes.

All the women can get the detail information and make of making these dishes easily on the interenet and food making websites. However these are some of the delicious most recipes that would certainly helps you to make your this year Ramadan even more unforgettable and memorable.

So all the women just try these recipes now and make your friends and closed one the everlasting fan of your dishes,

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