Ramadan 2017

Charity In Ramadan

Do you know that what is the importance of charity in Ramadan/ which are all such major categories that are involved in the means of charity? Well through this article you will be getting to know the vital importance of this helpful task along with its significance in the month of Ramadan.

The actual meaning of charity can just be derived in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is one of the blessed months of Islam that is welcomed each year with great passion and enthusiasm. When it comes to charity then the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is one of the best examples. He was the perfect example of being generous and kinds towards the needy people in this month and helps them through the means of charity.

Charity During Ramadan 2017


      In Urdu the word charity means “zakat”. In simple we can say that it is the mean of offering helping hand to the poor and needy people. God loves charity and all such people that carry out the process of charity are the special people of God. In Holy Quran charity is said to be the second pillar of Islam. This small concept reflects the importance of the Charity in clear words. Whatever the person is currently earning by the grace of God comes in the side of charity. The person has to spend some amount of money from his daily earnings and highlight them in the form of Zakat. In Holy Quran the word charity has been used as “Infaq” which means “Ihsan”.


                     In the Holy Quran the charity has been given special recognition. Holy Quran has lay down their maximum stress in offering the Zakat to such people who need the at the most heights. Some of the main categories that deserve the Zakat or charity are:

·         Poor People

·         Widows

·         Orphans

·         Slaves

·         Travelers

Although Holy Quran has stated that it is not necessary that just the charity should only be given to the Muslims. Even the non-Muslims are included in this action too. If you think that some needy non-Muslim is moving around you then don’t hesitate in offering charity to him.

So this was all about the charity in Ramadan! If you still have not given charity to any poor or needy then just stop thinking and perform this action now. Earn the great blessing of God by becoming his special human being through charity.

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