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Cow Qurbani In Pakistan

Well you would be quite surprised after listening the word Cow Qurbani in Pakistan. Well this cow qurbani in Pakistan has been given the name of Eid ul Adha. The religion of Islam is filled with many festivals many such festivals that are just intended for making the spread of smiles and joy. This Eid gives the enormous chance to the people for making them feel closer and sense of brotherhood during the prayers.

Cow Qurbani In Pakistan

The main aim of this Eid is so far making the Muslims aware from the custom of sacrifice and the major factor behind this tradition. In India this Eid has been associated with the word as Bakra Eid because in India all the Muslims especially under go with the sacrifice of goats. But when we talk about within Pakistan then certainly the Muslims gave their huge attention to the size of the animal.

They think that as much the body structure will be big the God will be more blessed on them. And for that reason they make the huge utilization of cows and even sometimes camels. But this misconception of size is just a foolish thinking because God will never look at the size he will just be focused on the neatness of the heart and passion.

Furthermore, Children are said to be much closer with the animals of Eid ul Adha. As the cow arrives in home it seems a new happiness has been imaged on the faces of the children. They took care of the animal and make the animal feed with foods and special care. In your childhood as well you would have been attached with the Eid ul Adha animal and you would have probably cried out during the sacrifice.

Well the feeling of sacrifice is quite common in all the children in their miniature stages but as they grow they began realizing the actual meaning of this sacrifice. On the other side there is no doubt that as the Eid approaches nearer the rates of the cow starts talking to the sky and even gets higher and higher just like the size of the cow.

But the passionate people never bother to get worried about the prices because this Eid and gaining the blessings of God is just arrived once a year so every single Muslim should try to gather as much happiness from the God as possible.

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