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Cow Qurbani In UK

Have you ever experience cow qurbani in UK? Eid ul Adha is considered to be one of the main and most prominent festivals in Islamic history. This event holds the basic importance for being one of the blessed festivals in Islam. This event makes us remember about the past happenings of sacrifice made by Hazrat Ibrahim who lay down his young son to sacrifice by following the commands of God and his son himself fully shows down his acceptance for getting sacrificed. This shows the true love and passion towards the Islam and God.

Eid ul Adha arrives on the 10th day of Dhu-al-Hijjah and is often celebrated for maximum four days. In the 5th Quran Surran the eminence of the Eid ul Adha has been described in the word as being the grave, serious and formal festival. It is vital for every single Muslim to carry out these functions. As we mentioned earlier that this event is remained for three or four days therefore if the person think that he cannot perform the sacrifice on first day then he can even accomplish this function on second, third or fourth day but he has to act upon with these actions.

Dua-al-Hijjah is said to the twelfth and last month in the Islamic Calendar and hence after this month the Muharram begins that marks the arrival of new Islamic year. This event comes eleven days before every month as each year this month travels flipside almost 11 days. Although as being the difference between the Islamic and Georgian calendar therefore there is a huge time difference between the festivals occurrence of people of UK and Pakistan.

As we know that Eid ul Fitr arrives for the happiness of the fasting Muslims in the month of Ramadan and in the same Eid ul Adha arrives for the Muslims of Hajj who perform the pilgrim’s functions for almost one month before the commencement of Eid ul Adha. Besides performing the sacrifice functions the Muslims must also carry out the Prayers as well because it is the entire time essential ingredient in the life of Muslims and hence completing the religion of Islam. Well this was all for the cow qurbani in UK. We hope that this piece of article would have served you with sufficient information concerning the role and prominence of Eid ul Adha and sacrifice in all the countries including the United Kingdom.

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