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Cow Qurbani In USA

Just like all other hooks and corners of the world the cow qurbani in USA is also even undertaken with great zeal and zest. It is known by every single Muslim that sacrifice is one of the requisite commencements that have to fulfill as long as this world is existing. This cow qurbani concept is carried out during the time phase of Eid ul Azha. This sacrifice is all connected with the sacrifice of the cows and goats. In simple words, it included the sacrificing of the livestock. Every single Muslim is allowed to carry out this procedure but however there are many people who cannot perform this function if in case they are not willing to perform such functions.


As we mentioned earlier that cow qurbani follows the same procedure and steps in every country therefore in USA as well the sacrifice is not necessary for the poor people, disables and children. Nevertheless if the poor person thinks that he or she can fully participate in these proceedings then he can make out the sacrifice and in return he or she will be rewarded from the blessings of God. The person must share the large part of the animal in the middle of his family members and among the poor people and at last save out some of the amount for themselves. All the goats and cows whether they are male or female and comprises one year of age is eligible for the sacrifice. Those sheep and goats that are less than one year are not required to be sacrificed in USA.

This event is celebrated in USA with huge passion and dedication because it makes the person realize about the equality between the poor and rich people. It is vital that the person should perform this function because it has been considered important proceeding in Islam.

This event makes us remember the Hazrat Ibrahim sacrifice when he lay down his own son for God. No single Muslim can deny back the significance and importance of this process at any cost. This makes us know much about the actual undertakings of Islam and nearness to the God. On the whole we can say that all such people who have been living in USA they are just need to follow the sacrificing rules and customs as it has been told in Holy Quran.

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