Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain Back On GEO TV

Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain is one of the renowned Islamic scholars and PHD doctor. He gained tremendous reputation and fame through one of his famous religious program “Alim Online” on GEO TV. He has been remained associated with this network since it was inaugurated on the television. The way Amir Liaquat recited Dua and Holy Quran makes the people feel a sense of peacefulness and that’s the basic reason for its massive recognition.

But somehow he disappointed his viewers and suddenly left the geo network. He started working as a managing director of QTV. But after a long wait he is again back on his old network. This news would surely be a surprise package in Ramadan for the fans of Amir Liaquat. However as the videos of Amir Liaquat was leaked on his new station in which he was listened making the excessive usage of foul language but finally GEO TV decided to give a comeback because during the month of Ramadan he certainly increases the rating of the program due to his heart throbbing Naat and recitations.

Although it would less than a risky task for the particular network to start promoting such a person whose personality has been already ruined in front of the world. But there is no doubt that those fans of Amir Liaquat who surely trust are definitely waiting the Ramadan to see their scholar once again on the screen back again. Let’s see that whether the Dr. Amir Liaquat is successful in accounting the attention of maximum people as it was in the past.

Mr. Jeem Welcome Dr. Amir Liaquat to Geo Tv Network 

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  • Shaista Wahidi.!! you are absolutely right here. Aamir Liaquat is Living legend for Muslims we must understand his ideas because he has great knowledge about the history of Islam. As well as he has very decent personality to impress any one.

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