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Eid Festival In Pakistan

Eid festivals in Pakistan has always bring along the feeling of happiness and smiles along with it. There are two Eid festivals in Pakistan namely as Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha. Eid ul Fitr is always celebrated with the end of Ramadan. This Eid has been merely dedicated for the Muslims that fast throughout the 30 days just for getting the blessings of their God.

Apart from the Eid ul Fitr as we know that Eid ul Adha is just about to arrive within few weeks and every single has been curiously waiting for the this Eid. Muslims have always celebrated with Eid with great passion. Especially for the children this Eid is quite exciting and thrilling because about few months before the Eid a new member gets attached in their family in the form of cow or goat.

This certainly makes them get connected into a new bond with the animals. There are even many innocent children that cry out while the sacrificing of the animals but as they grow up they realize the factor that this is the custom and tradition of the Islam that has to be followed by every Muslim.

The tradition of sacrificing started with the Hazrat Abraham who sacrificed his own beloved son for the God. This was the stage when the Muslims draw closer with the meaning of sacrifice. The meaning of Eid ul Adha is not just to go up early in morning and get the animal sacrificed as the Muslim must also get involved in the prayer timings and greetings as well. All the Muslims have the chance to gather the happiness and blessings of God in three days because this festival gets continue with three days of time limit.

It is not necessary that the person should always go for the sacrifice of cow as he can even go for the goat and even the camel as well. According to Islam the person must sacrifice such animal that is finds convenient. God will not just be happy and blessed with the size of the animal because he simply wants to know the purity stand of his human being.

On the whole this festival hold down a basic and extreme significance prominence in Islam and it cannot be overlooked at any cost. All the Muslims must fulfill their duty and responsibility towards the Islam that is all about sacrificing and nothing else.

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