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Eid Mubarak SMS – Quotes -Text -Messages

We have mostly seen that many people normally get irritated from the mobile phone messages and SMS but this irritation will no longer be noticeable on the Eid festivals. As the Eid arrives all the men and women no matter whether they are sitting at any place of the world they never forget to share their heartiest feelings of Eid with their close friends and family mates.

Eid Mubarak

Well from the last few years it seems like our Eid would be incomplete without the SMS and messages. These messages are undoubtedly the just sole way for making such people happy that are far away from us and make them realize that they are still close to our hearts. In the timings of Eid ul Fitr all the people get settled with their mobile phones in hands and just wait for the announcement of the Eid arrivals.

The same situation is being viewed in the happenings of Eid ul Azha when the person has to prepare himself for three constant days for sending the messages and receiving as well. It seems like the mobile phone will never stop ringing on the Eid timings of celebrations.

As the women are concerned then as on one hand they are embellishing their hands with Mehndi then probably from the next hand they will be messaging the Eid Mubarak SMS and quotes. As the messages concept has been changing in the same way the types of messages is also taking the new and fresh shape. For the aged and elder people simple and plain messages are accessible but those people who are young and teenage they receive the funny messages belonging to the subject of Eid.

Some of the messages even carry the shape of the cow and goats that make the Eid filled with additional smiles. But on the other hand we can just take these messages as the source of happiness and pleasure but the best and suitable way would likely be sharing the happiness through the communication and hugging one another. Because these are the moments when even the enemies become the closest friends and that too forever.

In this article we are sharing few Eid Mubarak SMS, messages and quotations. Just check them out and get ready with your fully charges mobile phones because the Eid is standing at your door and from our side we would also like to wish the readers A HAPPY EID MUBARAK…….

Eid Mubarak SMS – Quotes -Text -Messages 

  • Eid Is Dedication
    Eid Is Love….
    Eid Is Beauty..
    Eid Is Dedication..
    Eid Is Happiness…
    My Advance Wishes To U & Ur Family.
  • When my arms can’t reach people close to my heart.
    I always hug them with my prayers…
    May ALLAH’s peace be with you
    A very happy Eid Mubarak to You…
  • No time is like Eid
    with its charm and magic
    When fun and frolic of little ones
    Add beautify to the view!
  • Of all the days to celebrate
    this out shines the rest,
    Here is hoping that,
    This EID is happiest and best
  • Eid days are meant to celebrate
    the goals and the achievements
    that make you happiest.
    The ideals you believe in,
    the dream you love the best.

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