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Eid Style Mehndi Patterns

The mehndi patterns have a long lasting history for Muslim females all across the globe. Women celebrate eid with various distinguishing styles which are a reflection of their charisma, beauty, attraction and a feminist look. The hena is carefully applied in intricate patterns embellished with glitter and small stones on various parts of a female’s body.

These include hands, back and forth of the feet, arms and feet. The darker the color comes out to be, the more beautiful vibes it generates. These vibes have very catchy appearances and become the source of main appeal for the guests and family friends which come over the occasion of eid.

Eid is coming up in a few days and women are seen busy in markets looking for appropriate brands of hena and best stalls in town.

Eid Style Mehndi Patterns

Mehndi stalls are located all across major cities and small towns and set up at night when females flood the market and get pretty patterns of hena and tattoos on their hands. The best designs are those which run from fingers to the palm and from palm to the back of the hand. Other designs include architectural designs such as bold squares.

Eid ul Adha Mehndi Designs Collections 2012

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