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Eid ul Adha In Pakistan

When we talk about some of the passionate and unforgettable events then we always make the mention of Eid ul Adha in Pakistan. This festival is all about the sacrifices and remembrance of God. Each year Eid ul Adha in Pakistan is celebrated with great zeal and zest. This event is celebrated all over the world by the Muslim community in order to fulfill the religious custom of sacrifice that has been started by Hazrat Abraham. No one can ever deny the increased significance and importance of this festival.

In India this festival has been named as Bakr Eid because in India the Muslims frequently give the sacrifice of a goat. Eid ul Adha has been one of such religious festivals that are celebrated by both the religions of Muslim and Shia. The Eid ul Adha sacrificing must be undertaken within the time phase of three days as it has been noted in the Holy Quran. As similar to the Eid ul Fitr the Eid ul Adha also accompanies the morning prayers that begins with the two Rakkah. According to Islamic calendar Eid ul Adha is celebrated at the last month of Islamic calendar.

Eid ul Adha has been always took place after the Hajj after the time period of 70 days. All those men and such people who are healthy are restricted to offer the Eid prayers. On the other hand sick and travelers are overlooked from the prayers and women can make the prayers arrangements at home. Muslims can either make out the sacrifice of the goat after the prayers or before the prayers. According to Islam the Muslims can make the sacrifice according to his own expenses level.

If in case he is middle class and cannot afford the big goat or cow then he can even take hold over some small goat. The actual purpose of the Eid can purely be fulfilled at any means no matter whether the goat is giant or small in size. The person should dress himself in neat and clean mode for the prayers and even wish the best wishes to the Muslim brothers as well.

At the end Eid ul Adha plays an important role in the Islam and this should never be neglected by any Muslim until its death time. It is the Sunnah so every single Muslim must fulfill the rules and customs of Islam at any cost.

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