Famous International Naat Khawan List

Many people think that Naat Khawan has just spread within the Pakistan boundaries but they are not aware from the fact in very single hook and corner of this world many Muslims are being born who are passionate and about their religion and they are always in the search of sharing the blessings of Holy prophet in the form of Naat.

Naat Khawan holds down the basic and mainly prominent importance in the Pakistani and most important the Muslim society. In the month of Ramadan it is just the Naat Khawan that spread their magic in the whole environment and every single thing right from the beginning to the person to the birds flying in the air gets revolved in the love of Holy Prophet.

When we look upon in Pakistan then this category has been filled with many male Naat Khawan whereas there is a very least quantity of the female Naat Khawan. For all such people who are interested in knowing about the famous and known international Naat Khawan they must drag down the mouse click because in this article we are sharing the names of famous international Naat Khawan.

If we talk about the history then we have noticed that there are few of the singers from the music industry that turn their wholesome attention to the section of Naat and amongst those singers we cannot forget to mention the name of Ali Haider and Junaid Jamshed.

Junaid Jamshed was hugely loved and famed in his musical career but suddenly at some stage he drive into the field of Naat Khawan.Well there is no doubt that just like the fame of his musical professional he is surely receiving huge appreciation and likeness even in this field as well. People love to all these Naat Khawan in the time phase of Ramadan or at any moment.

There are many Naat Khawan as well that have spread down their fame in many countries of the world including America, Hong Kong, Australia and so on. It is not vital that person has to live in Pakistan to become the Naat Khawan.

There are many Naat Khawan as well that have received more success in the overseas countries as compare to the Pakistan. It shows that the location for showing the love to the Holy Prophet is not necessary because the just thing matters is the purity in the hearts. So all the fans of Naat Khawan just don’t forger listen these below mentioned Naat Khawan.

Famous International Naat Khawan List

  • Hafiz Abdullah Bin Abbass
  • Maulana Abu Jundal
  • Shah Aziz ur Rehman
  • Ahmed Bukhtair
  • Shamsur Ali-Bengali Nasheeds
  • Ali Tayyab-Son of Qari Tayab Qasmi of Hong Kong
  • Allama Sher Ali Hyderi
  • Allama Shoaib Nadeem
  • Mufti Tusuf Ludyahnvi
  • Maulana Israr ul Qasmi
  • Maulana Azam Tariq
  • Maulana Zia ur Rehman Farooqui
  • Maulana Abdul Aziz
  • Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi
  • Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhagvi
  • Abdul Shakoor Rabbani
  • Saifullah Butt
  • Mufti Syed Arshad Al-Hussaini
  • Qari Tayyab Qasmi
  • Tahir Jhangvi
  • Shahid Haneef
  • Qari Saifullah Butt
  • Syed Salman Gillani
  • Mufti Taqi Usmani
  • Allama Iqbal Hamd
  • Ishfaq Hazarvi
  • Maulana Zulfiqar Ahmad
  • Ziaullah Usman
  • Iman Din
  • Maulana Anas Younus
  • Abdul Latif
  • Hafiz Muhammad Sharif
  • Khaja Aziziul Hasan Majzub
  • Junaid Jamshed
  • Hafiz Abu Bakr Qari Asif Rashidi

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