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Goat Qurbani In Pakistan

After reading the title of the article you might be thinking that what is the Goat Qurbani in Pakistan? Well this goat qurbani has been referred with the term of Eid ul Azha. As we know that Eid ul Azha has all arrived and this festival brings along the message of the sacrifice and killing of the animals in the way of Allah. The concept of killing the animals has been originated several hundred years back when Hazarat Ibrahim sacrificed his son for the God. In all such situations God made it compulsory for the Muslims to sacrifice the goat once a year in the direction of the God.

Goat Qurbani In Pakistan

This animal can be in the form of the camel, goat or the cow. It has been stated that all such Muslims that are well earned and eligible for the sacrifice they must make the sacrifice of the goat because it has been considered as obligatory. Each year this festival arrives with great zeal and passion. All the Muslims purchase the animals almost two months before the arrival of the Eid. They make the animal feed with the grass and food and make him healthy for sacrifice.

The one third meat of the sacrifice must be distributed within the poor and needy people whereas the rest of the meat must be distributed within the relatives and family. This aspect has been stated by the God because in this festival there is also a small share of the poor people as well. This festival of Eid ul Azha last for maximum three days. If the person is not able to make the sacrifice on the first day then he can make the sacrifice on the second or the third day as well.

The most exciting part of this event is the arrival of the animals and soon they become the part of the family. They remained stick with the house and as a result special attachment gets along with them. This attachment has been much seen in the children and small kids. Well on the whole after this detail discussion about the goat quarbani we are sure that all the people who were not much aware from the goat qurabni concept in Pakistan they would have without doubt put on successive knowledge on the subject of goat qurbani. In simple words, no one can deny the importance of this concept in Pakistan at any stage.

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