Halloween In Islam

More and often we listened that many people mostly the teenagers celebrate the Halloween Day once a year. This concept has been simply derived from the British Society. But have we ever thought about it that what is the concept of Halloween in Islam? Did Islam allow us to get underway with this celebration? What is actually festivity in view of the Islamic teachings? There are many people who search for this answers whereas there are very less who celebrated this day and they don’t even bother to capture the answers of these questions.

Well for all such people let’s have a look that what actually Islam think about the Halloween Day. Halloween Day has been basically a false misconception of the British regarding the ghost. They think that hundreds of years back the entire ghost attacked at the earth and try to break the human world with their powers.

But the supernatural powers of the humans defeated them. In this anger each year all such ghost visit the earth and make the people afraid. This day symbolizes the arrival of the winter season as it is celebrated on the first day of New Year. They also think that on 31st October the God of death will gather up all the souls that have been died last year and will come up on the earth.

On this day all the people undertake the parties at goes late at night. They make horrible faces and wear up the costumes of ghost and make the people afraid from them. According to the Islamic Concept there are just two main festivals that are celebrated in the Islamic history and they are Eid ul Azha and Eid ul Fitr. There is no other event like Halloween to get place in the blessed festivals of Islam.

Islam has strongly forbidden celebrating this event because it is useless and has been just intended for making the people misunderstood regarding the falsehoods of death concept. In this Islamic Viewpoint once the person has died he or she can never get the chance to witness the earth once again until the Day of Judgment.

In the Holy Quran as well there are many guidance verses that have been accompanied for the easiness of the Islamic followers. It has been stated that: “When it is said unto them, ‘Come to what Allah has revealed, come to the Messenger,’ they say, ‘Enough for us are the ways we found our fathers following.’ What! Even though their fathers were void of knowledge and guidance?” (Qur’an 5:104)

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