Heaven in Islam

What is the heaven? It is a reality but one could not understand this reality until this is not observed with the senses bestowed to a man.

We could get the information about it from Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). The Quran describes the joys which people will enjoy after entering into it.

The joys and the delights of this world are gained after a lot of pain and sufferings while in Heaven there is no hardship and sufferings in it. There is no disease and death in it. In Hadith it is said that the people in Heaven will never become ill and even they noses will never blow.

The one cause of suffering of the people is the relationship they have with each other and they become grief when some say bad words to them. In Heaven will not hear bad words. Only they hear good words which they will like it. The blessings of ALLAH will be widely bestowed to the people in Heaven. The enmity among the people will not be there and also there will be no illness. The people in Heaven will have the companions wich are the best people in the world. The hearts of the people will not be like the hearts of the people in this world, that will be pure and the speech will be good.

The Prophet of ALLAH said that Heaven is in the shadow of the swords means it is not easy to get the place in Heaven. It is necessary to spend this life according to the orders of the ALLAH Almighty and to give sacrifice for his creature. Moreover it is also true that no one can be eligible of Heaven but from the special blessings of ALLAH Almighty. The good deeds are the great cause to attract the special attention of ALLAH’s blessings.

The life in this world is very short while the life in Heaven is eternal and the people on Heaven will enjoy the joys of life in heaven for the unlimited time they will feel no sorrow for the end of the joys of life in heaven.

Life of heaven is also free from the pollutants and impurities. After eating and drinking there will be no need to excrete them. That will be discharged from the body in the form of good fragrance of the sweat.

There is nothing like heaven and no one can imagin the delights of the heaven. The defy description of the joys of heaven is not possible. There is nothing in the world which can be compared to things in the heaven.  We are created in the paradise and then we are sent on earth for specific time. In this time we have to prove ourselves that we are submissive to Almighty ALLAH and then w will go back to Heaven with the blessings of ALLAH.

we should effort to attain our lost place that is Heaven through good deeds either we are at home, either we are in the office or we are at the shop. As a Muslim we should try to be the most obedient of ALLAH so that we can find eternal peace in the heaven.

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