Ramadan 2017

How To Explain Ramadan To Non-Muslims

There are certain Muslims in our society who have a strong belief in God and his blessings but when it comes to exploring the Islam in front of the world and non Muslims it becomes impossible for them. Christians have the same believe that God is one and Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the last prophet of Islam but still Christians does not prefer to keep the fast during the month of Ramadan as they have their own fasting time period that is totally dissimilar from the Ramadan. It would be definitely wrong to say that they are non Muslims but they have to get conscious about the valuable facts of Ramadan.  This article discusses some of the prominent aspects for describing the answer that how can a Muslim convinces a non Muslim regarding the significance of Islam.

As we know that during the month of Ramadan Muslims bow before the God and worship him and in a same way Muslims recite the Holy Quran every day. Muslims can enforce the non Muslims to read the Holy Quran and make them know the actual meaning of these verses. Holy Quran gives the detail description regarding the real meaning for the creativity of Islam and every single purpose for the human being is fully explored in the Quran. All these verses can influence the non Muslims to get even more closely and near to the Gods and by this they can get themselves benefit from the merciful blessings of God. In the Holy Quran the Prophet (PBUH) has described the hidden secrets of the nature that can only be revealed by focusing on the verses of Holy Quran.

 Many people usually consider that Ramadan is just the name of fasting for 24 hours but they are no well aware from the enhanced importance of the Ramadan. A Muslim can makes the non Muslim learn some of the basic aspects about the Ramadan. Muslims fast from the dawn till the sunset. Ramadan is the name of purity, affection and worship towards the God. This Holy and blessed month makes the Muslim to get even more near to his God and make a closer relation with the God through the pure and simple structure of Ramadan. In addition the major and prominent significance of Ramadan is to forget the past evil deeds. As the Muslims bow before the God and promises to never commit the past unwarranted customs and live a happy and prosperous life and this lesson can even be taught to the non Muslims so that they can also began their new and fresh life that would not make them feel that they have done anything wrong in the past.

They can purify themselves spiritually and bodily. Furthermore we can also make the non Muslims alert regarding the importance of charity to the needy people as it has been considered in the Holy Quran to help the helpless people. At the end it is concluded that this month is for everyone whether it is Muslim or non Muslim so every single person in this world can get benefit from this sacred month and attain the blessings of God.

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