Importance of Muharram

No single Muslim can deny back the importance of Muharram. The Muharram is an important festival of Pakistan. It reminds them about the martyrdom of Hazrat Hussain. He refused to acknowledge the Yazeed as the Commander of the faithful.

He died in the Battlefield of Karbala while fighting against the armies of Yazeed. It was the day of 10TH Muharam that is certainly unforgettable in the minds of all the Muslims. The first days of the Muharam are the extreme mourning for the Muslims and most importantly for the Shia community.

During the month of Muharam all the Shia and even the Muslims wear the black shirts as they see the new moon that symbolizes the arrival of the Muharram. In 2012 the Ashura will be commenced on 24th November that is Saturday. On the ninth and tenth Muharam the Muslims and Shia fast throughout the day as it was stated by the Holy Prophet.

In the Shia community it is considered to be ill-mannered or Haram for expressing the happiness and pleasant moments in the whole month. This month also proclaims the sign of respect as well. As we know that Muharram is just for the Shia but it doesn’t mean that Muslims should celebrated the month with happiness. They must remember that Hazrat Hussain has some family bonding with Hazrat Muhammad.

During the Muharram Muslims recite dirges to give vent to their deepest grief for the cruelties done on the Hazrat Hussain, his family and his devoted companions. On the 10th they took out the Zuljinnah in the form of huge procession. It is led by the large number of mourners.

Sometimes it is followed by the symbol of tomb in the form of tazias. It commemorates the saddest tragedy in the history of Islam. In the whole month women keep them away from all sorts of ornamentation and makeup strokes and kept them as simple and plain.

The Muslims and Shia even help the needy and poor people and give them food and other necessary products. It has been stated that this month is filled with the blessings of God but still this day has the feeling of sadness and extreme pain. At the end we are sure that all those people who wants to gain excessive information about the Muharam they would have definitely gain huge sum of facts through this article.

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