Importance Of The Holy Quran

Importance Of The Holy Quran in Muslim life &  Holy Quran is the most sacred holy book of Islam. It means reading, lecture and recitation. For more than thirteen centuries it has guided the humanity and till the end of the world it will remain the last message of Allah Almighty in his language. The Holy Quran is the purest and most perfect form of Arabic. It was revealed on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who is the last Prophet and messenger of Allah. It has about 77,640 words and has been divided into chapters and verses. The chapters are known as Surahs which are 114 in total amount. The shortest Surah mostly covers the period of Hazrat Muhammad stay in “Mecca” and larger ones explain the stay in “Madina”.

The opening chapter of the Holy Quran is very short that covers six lines and we Muslims repeat it almost several times the whole day and it has been named as “Fateha”. It at once strikes the innermost feelings of the true Muslim and he cannot do anything evil or bad if he or she catches the true spirit. The Holy Quran makes it clear that Hazrat Muhammad was bringing the Islam and it is the only true, pure and original religion which had been existed since the beginning of the universe.

Hazrat Muhammad is the last in the line of the Prophets going back in the line of the Adam. Whereas the other books got changed or get corrupted with the passage of time but the Quran still exist in this world in its original and pure shape. Every single word in the Holy Quran is the God word that is pure and it cannot be overlooked at any cost. It provides the new path and blessed road for the betterment of the human being.

Islam means the obedience to the will of Allah and this will has been clearly explained in simple words in the Holy Quran. It contains Islamic laws in its basis that covers our private life including the food, dressing, marriage and prayers. It also tells us about our public life as well and our duties and responsibilities towards the society and humans.

The Holy Quran has also showcase the full restrictions on Zakat too. The importance of Holy Quran can be made clear from the factor that it has notified the human beings to help each other and follow the customs of honesty, justice and fair play. If we want to live perfectly then we should try to manage our life plan according to the noble and honest rules of Holy Quran.

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