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Juma Tul Wida Ramadan Holiday 2014

The holy month Ramadan is better then all other months. Similarly Friday is better then all other days especially in Ramadan. Last Friday of Ramadan is called Juma tul vida. People practice special prays on Juma tul vida. Jum tul vida is considered the departure of Blessed Month Ramadan.

Special Charity arrangement is done on Jum tul vida. Many families arranged afatr party on this holy day. In this Ramadan Laila tul Qadar (the power of night) is followed by Juma tul vida. Many institute announced holiday for prayer on Juma tul vida.

In Faisal mosque special arrangement is done for Friday prayer and extra space is provide to Muslims outside the mosque because a huge number of Muslims gathered for Friday. Since a huge number of Muslims offer Friday prayer so Government can not neglect security arrangement.

Special security arrangement is done to ensure the safety of Muslims during Friday prayer. Imams during addressing urged to the Muslims purify their souls and seek forgiveness of God and kind to the poor. Juma tul vida is also observed as youm al Quds in Pakistan to support freedom of Palestine. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said” any one who worships Allah in Friday will receive protection from Allah for the entire week”.

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