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These days as the Muharam is just about to arrive soon so the Karbala SMS, Karbala Shayari and Karbala quotes are all the more important element for making the people realize with the significance of this happening. Karbala is a name of a city that is placed in Iraq. It is located almost 100 km towards the South of Baghdad. This city has the total population of 572,300 people. The importance of this city is not just because it is located in Iraq but it is merely much known for the Battle of Karbala. This is one of the main and prominent cities for Shia after Mecca and Medina. This was the home place of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

Just like the city itself the incident of Karbala is also unforgettable for all the Shia Muslim community. The way Hazrat Hussain fought in the favor of Islam and this favoritism lay down his life forever. This month is known as Muharam that make all the Muslism remind about the happenings of the Karbala event. Muslims commence this month with peace and calm and remember the Hazrat Hussain in grief and sad emotions. The Islam will never get the sacrificing human being like Hazrat Imam Hussain.

Just like all other events this incidence is also undertaken through the exchanging of the messages, poetry and quotations. All those people who are not much aware from this incident they can frequently gain excessive knowledge all from the message and poetry. Sometimes the poetry becomes so heart throbbing that it eventually brings cry water in the eyes. There are wide range of the websites that initiate such poetry and quotations as the Muharam starts. These messages and quotations can even be exchanged on the social networking websites for spreading some additional awareness and facts about the Muharam. In this article we are mentioning some of the Karbala poetry, messages and quotes for the readers.

All such people who are interested in exchanging the messages they can take the enormous help from the above mentioned messages and quotations. On the whole after this brief discussion we would like to make one thing clear that always make sure that no message should be filled with happiness and smiles because this month is all about the sadness and mourning of the death of Hazrat Hussain. So just start sending the messages now and spread more and more information details about Muharam and Karbala.



Qatl-E Hussain Asl Men Marg-E Yazid Hai
Islam Zinda Hota Hai Har Karbala Ke Bad

Farishty Bazm Sajaty Hain MATMI K Liye
Paron Ko Apne Bichhaty Hain MATMI K Liye
Ye Maanta Hoon NAMAZI Ka Hai Mqam Mgar
Aaty Hain MATMI K Liye.


Sajday Se Karbala Ko Bandagi Mil Gayi
Sabar Se Ummat Ko Zindagi Mil Gayi
Ek Chaman Fatima(S.A) Ka Ujra
Magar Sarey Islam Ko Zindagi Mil Gayi

Karbala Nasib Se Jana Nasib Ho
Pher Laut Kar Wahan Sa Na Ana Nasib Ho
Aisa DAR-E-HUSSAIN A.S Pe Sajda Ho Akhri
K Mujha Apna Sir Na Uthana Nasib Ho

*. . .Ek din hamare ansoo hum se pooch bethe,
“Humain roz roz kyun bulate ho?”
hum ne kaha “Hum naam-e-Hussain lete hain,
Tum khud hi chale aate ho. . .*


Sajday se karbala Ko Bandagi Mil Gai
Sabar Se Ummat Ko Zindagi Mil Gai
Ek Chamman FATIMA(S.A) Ka Ujra
Magar Sarey Islam Ko Zindagi Mil Gai.

Phir Aaj HAQ K Liye Jaan Fida Kare Koi
Wafa Bhi JHOOMUthe Yun Wafa Kare Koi
Namaz 1400 Saalon Se Intizar Main Hai
HUSSAIN Ki Terha Mujh Ko Adaa Kare Koi

Yun Hi Nahi Jahan Main Charcha Hussain Ka
Kuch Dekh K Hua Tha Zamana Hussain Ka
Sar De K Do Jahan Ki Hukumat Khareed Li
Mehanga Para Yazeed Ko Sauda Hussain Ka …

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