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Latest Collection 2012 Of Janamaz

Janamaz plays an important role in prayers. When we sit on the Janamaz it makes us gain the feeling of getting more closely and near to the God. There are also wide varieties of Janamaz that have been introduced in the market. Their texture and pattern designs surely attract the attention of numerous people. This year a recent collection of Janamaz has been highlighted for the people. Muslims offer the prayers in five times the whole day and during this time period they make the utilization of Janamaz that is eventually known as prayer mat in English.

As we looked into the Janamaz it also makes us aware from our public life regarding our duties towards the world. In the collection of 2012 the main center of attraction in the designing stages of Janamaz is the appearance of Mihrab that has been specifically placed on the location where the Mecca is pointed.

Moreover the Janamaz has even beautified with the embroidery touch on its corners that enforces the concentration of millions of passing by people. Moreover it also makes us clear for the process about establishing the society in which we can help each other.

Latest Collection 2012 Of Janamaz

This collection has been especially preferred for the God lovers. It makes us realize about the fact that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) brings us closer to the Islam. Additionally its unique designs grab the attention of maximum people therefore it can even be used to make the people turn towards the prayers.

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