Live Hajj – Hajj Coverage Live from Makkah

Live Coverage from Makkah is also available on this Hajj 2013. Live from Makkah the Holy City. Muslims performed Hajj at the moment in Saudi Arabia. More than 2.5 million Muslims are offering hajj 2013.

In this article we will mention all about the coming Hajj 2013 schedule. As we all know that every year before the arrivalof Ramadan the Hajj procedure is launched for all the pilgrims. This year as well Hajj schedule has been highlighted for 2013. This year it has been predicted that Hajj 2013 schedule will be proclaiming from 13th October 2013 to 18thOctober 2013. Last year we have seen that there were many customs and rules that were put forward for all the pilgrims regarding the Hajj observance and this time as well there have been wide range of laws that should have to be followed by all the Muslims. Before all such discussion we would like to explain little about the Hajj.

Hajj is one of the holy observances of Islam that has been marked necessary for all the Muslims. This observance takes place before the commencement of Hajj and the month of Ramadan brings happiness and calm blessings for all those Muslims that have observed Hajj during these days. Hajj is a form of such blessings that purify the soul of the Muslim with clean heart that is free from all the bad deeds.

A person gets some sort of soothe surroundings as soon as he or she enters into the Madina for offering Hajj. Well just as similar to last year this year as well Government of Pakistan will be introducing some special plans and measures for making the Hajj 2013 successful for the Muslims. But this method will be announced during the closer dates of the Hajj. All those people that are in favor of performing the Hajj in 2013 they should keep their minds alert because very soon the procedure will be proclaimed for the pilgrims. All the people should make assure that there documents have been cleared so that they should not have to face any disappointed at the final stages.

They should be well aware from all the rules and main customs that have to be followed during the Hajj performance. Well it would not be wrong to say that all such Muslims are lucky enough that get the chance of visiting the Allah house once in their lifetime so we don’t think that any Muslim would bear to miss the chance of performing Hajj in 2013. So all the Muslims out there just get ready because very soon Hajj 2013 procedure will be announced along with the complete details.

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