Muharram For Kids

Sometimes we often think that what would be the arrangements of Muharram for kids? Well every single Muslim would certainly be aware from the incident of Muharram. This month holds the basic and extreme significance in the Islamic history. As we know that every single religious festivals is just about the celebrations and festivity but this aspect is not included in the month of Muharam.

This month is all about the sad feelings and emotion. In the month of Muharram two little grandson of Holy Prophet Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain lay down their life while fighting for Islam in the Battle of Karbala. They were two small kids who don’t even bother about their ages and entered into the battlefields. This incident and happenings of two small children arise a great passion and enthusiasm in the kids.

They also wish to become like the Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain in their life. On the days of Muharam all the Shia communities undertake the long rallies and they even beat themselves that results in the flow of the blood and sometimes many of them often gets badly injured. All the children and small kids should be set aside from such beating activities.

The small children can carry the small sticks for beating the drums or they can appear with the Tizzies on their heads. It is not important that you can merely show your grief through beating and flowing blood from your body. These actions can be carried out by the teenagers and youngsters but the small children and kids do not have the ultimate physical capacity to bear such pain.

All the children can be indulged into the making of the cards and pamphlets that would be held upwards in the long walks. On the day of the Muharam all the Muslims give away the food to the hungry and needy people. The kids can even give away these foods and make them part of this happening. Some of the rallies often include the small children that shout Hussain! Hassan! in the rallies.

On the whole after this detail discussion it has been figured out that all such people who want to make their children involved in every single procedure of Muharram they are certainly granting pain to their small kids. Just introduce such activities for them that are just up to their physical and mental level as well.

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