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Muharam is also filled with the Muharam SMS, Muharam shayari and Muharam quotes. No one can deny over the main importance of this month. Each year this month is welcomed with great feelings and emotions towards the mourning and sad incidents of Karbala.

This event is undertaken for whole month and during this month all the Muslims and Shia community remember the Karbala battlefield and the way Hazrat Hussain lay down their life for Islam. On the 9th and 10th Muharam the entire world gets grieved over the death of Hazrat Hussain.

They wear the black clothes on this whole month. They believe that during this month the Muslims should remain aside from all forms of entertainment and pleasure moments and just indulge them in the sad feelings and moments.

All the women wear black clothes and even refuse applying the makeup on their faces. They kept them as simple and plain for the whole month. In addition, the men even make them indulge in the walks and processions that are undertaken in view of the Muharam. They also beat them with the chains and sticks that may sometimes result in the flowing of blood.

In addition as we know that every single Islamic event is said to be incomplete without the arrival of the messages and quotes. In the same way this occasion is also said to be imperfect and yet incomplete without the SMS and messages.

As the Muharam beings all the websites and magazines gets filled with the messages and sad quotes. People may exchange these messages with their closed friends and relatives. In addition, these messages can be in the form of the interesting information facts concerning the Muharam that would help them in increasing the knowledge.

But still as we know that the messages and quotes are merely send on the happy and festivities events but it is also the fact that some of the people have the lack of awareness concerning the Muharam and this alertness can be make alert by sending the messages and SMS.

In this article we are mentioning some of the main Muharam SMS, Messages and Muharam quotes for the people. On the whole after this discussion we would say that just start reading these message and quotes and exchange with your loved ones and friends and make them aware from the significance of the Muharam.


  • Wafa ko naaz hai jis par usay

Abbas(AS) kehte hein
Lagay jo Saani-e-Haider(AS) usay Abbas(AS) kehte hein
Alam patthar pe jo gaaray usay kehte hein sab Haider(AS)
Alam gaaray jo pani par usay Abbas(AS) kehte hein

  • Khoon Se Charagh-e-deen jalaya Hussain ne,,
    Rasm-e-Wafa ko khoob nibhaya Hussain ne..
    Khud ko to ek boond bhi Pani na mil saka,,
    Karb-O-Bala Ko khoon pilaya Hussain ne..
    Aesi Namaz kaon parhega Jahan men?
    Sajda kiya to Sar Na uthaya Hussain ne.!
    Sab kuch Khuda ki raah men Qurban kar diya,
    Asghar sa phool bhi na bachaya Hussain ne..
  • Janat Ki Aarzu Main
    Kahan Ja Rahe Hyn Log

Janat Tou Karbala Main
Khareedi HUSSAIN Ny

Dunya-o-Aakhrat Main
Jo Rehna Ho Chain Sy

Jeena ALI Sy Seekho


  • Hussain Ki Namaz Jari Hai
    Jabeen-E-Ibn-E-Ali ki niyaz jari hai
    Khuda ke deen ki Umr-E-Daraz jari hai
    Sajde mein rakh ke sir ko na uthaya Hussain ne
    Mere Husain ki ab tak namaz jari hai
  • Phir Aaj Haq Ke Liye
    Phir aaj haq ke liye jaan fida kare koi
    Wafa bhi jhoom uthe yun wafa kare koi
    Namaz 1400 saalon se intezar mein hai
    Husain ki tarha mujh ko adaa kare koi
  • Aankhon Ko Koi Khwaab
    Aankhon ko koi khwaab to dikhayi de
    Tabeer me Imam ka jalwa dikhayi de
    Aye! Ibn-E-Murtuza tere samne
    Suraj bhi ek chota sa zarra dikhayi de
  • Karbala Walon Ka Gham
    Karbala walon ka gham ghar ghar mein manaya jayega
    Maqsad-E-Shabeer aalam ko bataya jayega
    Yaad kar ke jo na roya Karbala walon ki pyaas
    Qabar se tishna wo mehshar main uthaya jayega


  • The Tortures That I’ve Faced The Insults That Have Been Thrown
    They Snatched Away My Veil Father, My Hair Was Shown
    How Much Will We Have To Suffer And Go On In Pain?
    Oh Ummah Do You Not Remember We Are Ahlul Bayt
    That Adhaan You Hear Now Yazid,
    Talks About My Grandfather

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