Ramadan 2017

Olympic Schedule Conflict The Ramadan

Olympic is considered to be one of the world most famous sports festivals. Every year thousands of sports trainers get themselves enrolled into this event for representing their sports talent in the field of badminton, football, tennis, squash and much more. This year as well Olympic is the anxiously awaited events but unfortunately the presence of Olympics is becoming a big hurdle in the Islamic festival of Ramadan. Olympic event will going to be take place from July 27  to August 12 while Ramadan will going to be celebrated from July 20 to August 20.

Masood Shadjareh who is the chairman of Islamic Human Rights Commission in London has stated that the foremost decision of arranging Olympics was with Christmas but it is undoubtedly useless to manage the sports festival in both the Islamic events because this would makes the 3000 Muslim sports trainers to overlooked the prayers and worship the God and they would not be allowed to travel during the month of Ramadan. But however according to Olympics organization they have concluded that every single date in the calendar belongs to some religious festival in the world so it doesn’t mean to overlook the sports practices and events every year.

Furthermore there have been plentiful Muslim athletes that have immensely taken part in the Olympics even in those stages when they were fasting. It has not been the first time that Olympic is coming in between the Ramadan. One of the well known NBA players Hakeem Olajuwon earned a massive reputation in the Olympic due to his gigantic performance on the Olympic platform and this was even possible when he was fasting and this does not affected him anymore.

However many of the Muslims who are living in overseas for a long period of time have claimed that by living in abroad they come to realize the importance of Ramadan in a much perfect manner as everything around them moves in a normal manner and this does not allow them to move back for keeping them purify bodily and spiritually.

But this year we are talking about the hindrance of Olympic in the month of Ramadan. Now Muslims have to decide that whether they are interested to watch the games or worshiping the God. Olympic Games can even be witnessed after the Ramadan is over but it is not known that the blessed month of Ramadan will comes into your life next year or not so neglect the sports and make your this world and next one happy and prosperous.

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