Pakistani Female Naat Khawan List

Naat is known as the most special and valuable way of direction for showing the love and affection towards the Holy Prophet and even highlighting his blessings and services for the Human beings. Those people who recite the Naat are known as Naat Khawan. Naat is commonly recited in Urdu but it is extra translated into Turkish, Persian, Arabic and Punjabi version as well.

Naat does not comprise any form of musical combinations and beats as it is recited in a simple manner. Even it has also been stated that those people who recite the Naat are not singers as they are Naat Khawan and never includes the Naat into the category of music and singing.

But now there are many Naat Khawan that even record the proper video of their Naat for showcasing their Naat skills and talents. Just like there are many male Naat Khawan in Pakistan in the same way the women section has also arrived ahead in feeling adorned towards the Holy Prophet. So far huge number of Naat Khawan has appeared in this profession and much of them have even no connection with the music industry in the past as well.

Naat Khawan gets huge in demand during the month of Ramadan. Through this blessed month they received the sole chance to make them introduce to the whole world all through the channels and media. Some of the Naat Khawan just took over the hearts of millions of viewers just through their splendidly mesmerizing voice. In this article we are giving out the list of some of the famous and well known Naat Khawan of Pakistan.

We have likely seen that many musical signers suddenly get turned towards the field of Naat Khawan but all these female singers are purely unprofessional and do not accompany any connection and links with the music business. Their Naat collections has been always appreciated and well liked by the women and they just favor hugely in listening their Naat every Ramadan.

Their voices skills have received huge words of acclamation from the public. On the whole after this short jam-packed discussion we are sure that all those women who are heartfelt fans of Naat they would definitely catch the pleasure of listening all the Naat collection of these singers now and we are sure that they will love to listen them again and again.

Pakistani Female Naat Khawan List

  • Ummeh Habiba
  • Hooriya Rafiq Qadri
  • Javeria Saleem
  • Saba Chaudhry
  • Syeda Amber Saleem
  • Uzma Zaidi
  • Saba Sitara Ahmed
  • Tasleem Ahmed Sabri

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