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Pakistani Recipes of Ramadan

As we know that Muslims especially in Pakistan celebrate the arrival of Ramadan with great happiness and joy and in the same way they are also the greatest fans of eating and cooking delicious food items in Iftar and Sehri. Pakistani foods are immensely well known and loved all over the world even the people in overseas also highly prefer to prepare the Pakistani food. In this article we are sharing some of the tasty and appetizing names of Pakistani dishes that are tremendously famous during the month of Ramadan.

  1. Aloo Ki Tikiyan
  2. Aloo Ke Kabab
  3. Anda Tamatar known as Egg Tomato
  4. Aloo Ki Tikiyan with potato cutlets
  5. Aloo Aur Qeema Cutlets
  6. Bhel Puri
  7. Bread Pakoras
  8. Arabi Paratha
  9. Baked Potatao chips
  10. Aloo Baday
  11. Channa Masala
  12. Buttermilk Biscuits
  13. Chatpattay aloo
  14. Bhel Noodles
  15. Baingan Biryani
  16. Buffalo Wings
  17. Anda Aloo Dum with Puris
  18. Cheese and Marconi Cutlets
  19. Cheese Nibbels
  20. Cheese Omelette
  21. Fried Seekh Boti
  22. Cheese Parcels
  23. Fruit Pizza
  24. Kachori
  25. Jalebi
  26. Chinese samosa
  27. Keema Samosa
  28. Honey Date Balls
  29. Cheese and Onions Pasteries
  30. Breaded Meat and Aloo Balla
  31. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  32. Chicken Bread
  33. Chicken Cheese Cups
  34. Chicken Cheese Rolls
  35. Cocktail Kababs
  36. Chicken with Potato rolls
  37. Chicken Breadcrumb Fingers
  38. Chicken and Mayo Sandwich

At the end these Pakistani dishes should be cooked once by every women for making this Ramadan unique and special.

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