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Q TV Start New Program Bazm-e-Khawateen. This program is really a discussion program with a compare and scholars , introducing the related subjects of Islamic values and elaborate the Fiqahi and Shara’ee facets of  the topicthere can be  an available call system through which the viewers can discuss  their view points and take part in this program . This program is in particularly women focused and resolves problems very carefully . Below Program Some details

Director/Producer: Ismail Jalali
Host/ Anchor: Ambreen Haseeb
Participants: Two Female Scholars (1+2)
Frequency per week: Every Sunday
Program Duration: 01 hour (60 min)
Target Subject: Women
Format: Ladies talk Show (Pre recorded)
Time: 22:00 PST

Qtv Bazm e Khawateen Promo

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