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Ramadan Calendar 2013

Ramadan Calendar 2013: Are you searching for Ramadan Calendar 2013? Well if yes then just get ready because in this article we will be highlighting some very interesting Ramadan Calendar 2013 that will surely going to make your this year Ramadan even additional memorable and unforgettable. As we all know that just within few years Ramadan will be all arriving in Muslim society and this has been one of the only month in Islam that is excitedly awaited by the Muslims.

They get the chance to be closer with their God and make an effort to gain blessings and love from their God. This month also marks the arrival of Hajj blessings and even the Eid as well. Ramadan is performed for one whole month in which the Muslims have to remain hungry for dawn till the sun set that is specifically known as Fast. The main motive behind this fast is to let the Muslims know that how the poor and hungry people in this world are living without the food and water. In this way the Muslims raise their hands towards the sky and get connected with their God for making their souls purify and clean forever.

On the other side we also know that as the Ramadan arrives the Ramadan calendars even get enormous famous in the markets and people get desperate to purchase the best one for their house decorations. In this article we will share few pictures of Ramadan Calendar 2013.

In all such pictures you can see one common thing and that has been the Ramadan moon and God house pictures that allow the Muslims to remember that God is always there in the month of Ramadan. During this month the devil is chained and all the doors of hell are closed and heaven doors are opened for the Muslims. For this sake we have always said that Ramadan is one such moth that is the chance to get near with the God.

There are many Ramadan calendars that have been specially designed for the children with lovely pictures and cute styling that surely make the children room quite attractive and fine looking for others. This even helps the children to get closer with the passion of holding fast in the month of Ramadan. On the whole we would say that all those people who are interested to make their house beautiful with the Ramadan calendars they should avail one calendar right now before the Ramadan calendars gets over and you just left empty handed.

Ramadan Calendar 2013

7:11 pm 3:29 am 11 July 1
7:11 pm 3:29 am 12 July 2
7:10 pm 3:30 am 13 July 3
7:10 pm 3:31 am 14 July 4
7:10 pm 3:32 am 15 July 5
7:09 pm 3:33 am 16 July 6
7:09 pm 3:33 am 17 July 7
7:09 pm 3:34 am 18 July 8
7:08 pm 3:35 am 19 July 9
7:08 pm 3:36 am 20 July 10
7:07 pm 3:37 am 21 July 11
7:07 pm 3:38 am 22 July 12
7:06 pm 3:39 am 23 July 13
7:05 pm 3:39 am 24 July 14
7:05 pm 3:40 am 25 July 15
7:04 pm 3:41 am 26 July 16
7:03 pm 3:42 am 27 July 17
7:03 pm 3:43 am 28 July 18
7:02 pm 3:44 am 29 July 19
7:01 pm 3:45 am 30 July 20
7:01 pm 3:46 am 31 July 21
7:00 pm 3:47 am 01 August 22
6:59 pm 3:48 am 02 August 23
6:58 pm 3:49 am 03 August 24
6:57 pm 3:50 am 04 August 25
6:57 pm 3:51 am 05 August 26
6:56 pm 3:52 am 06 August 27
6:55 pm 3:52 am 07 August 28
6:54 pm 3:53 am 08 August 29
6:53 pm 3:54 am 09 August 30

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