Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Ki Fazeelat

Ramadan is considered to be the blessed months of Islam. In this month Muslims purify themselves spiritually and bodily. In this month Muslims worship the God throughout the day and grants for the forgiveness from the god for their evil deeds. In this article we are discussing some of the significant importance of Ramadan.

  • During this month Muslims get to realize the real feeling of hunger of those people who don’t even get a single piece of food for eating.
  • In this month Muslims get the grand chance of getting closer and near to the God.
  • Muslims also get the opportunity of doing charity to the needy and poor people as it has been even stated in the Holy Quran and God.
  • In this month Muslim learn to control on his temper and try to enlighten his mind with good deeds and habits.
  • Muslims can also change their daily life during the Ramadan as they may quit the smoking and drinking that also make them healthy and physically fit.
  • Muslims also make themselves learn the actual meaning of brotherhood with their Muslim brothers and exchange feelings of love with them.
  • Ramadan gives the chance to the Muslims to ask for the forgiveness for their past evil actions and try to make this world and the world after it more prosperous.

On the whole these magnificent points would definitely help the Muslims in making their life peaceful and much happier forever.

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