Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Restaurant Iftar Deals In Lahore

In this article will be highlighting all about Ramzan restaurant Iftar deals in Lahore. As we all know that each year almost all the hotels, cafes and restaurants of Lahore appear out with their special deals and offers for the Sehri and Iftar in Ramadan. There are many top hotels and restaurants in Lahore adding out with Tabaq, Chez Nur, Yum Chinese, California Grill, Opium Thai, Bundu Khan and many more. All the restaurants try to place such packages and deals for their customers that would grab the attention of people in maximum scale.

Ramadan Restaurant Iftar Deals In Lahore

As we loop upon the Iftar deals then they normally serve out with the traditional food items that are best known in Lahore such as Pakoras, Samosas and Dhai Bhallay. Although many of the restaurants even offer out with the sweet dishes and desserts as well but it definitely depend upon the choices of the customers demand. This year there are almost 50 restaurants in Pakistan that are dealing out with the Iftar deals. But still this amount is quite less! Still there are many others restaurants that are yet to arrive in this list along with the perfect deals for the Lahori food lovers.

As we all know that Lahore is known for the best Punjabi food items therefore the taste of lassi is one of the most prominent drinks in all the restaurant deal. In the nronal days an ordinary deal will cost maximum Rs. 2000 but in Ramzan this deal will just going to cost you with Rs. 1000-1500. Here we would like to mention out for the readers that this deal will be rated as per person.

If you still need to know more about this story then this webpage will going to serve you out with the perfect details. With the passage of time we will be updating the Ramzan deals of all the restaurants. As these offers have been just set for the Ramadan so straight away after the ending of 30th Ramzan these offers will get departed as well!

So all the food lovers of Lahore if you are planning out some Iftar parties with your friends and family mates then don’t miss out catching these restaurants at any cost. We are sure that you will going to find their deals much affordable and reasonable rated for sure. So enjoy the tasty food and make your Iftar moments special and memorable forever.

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