Ramadan 2017

2014 Ramadan Starting The Countdown

When the Last week of Shahban start the Muslims starting the countdown. Count down means how many days left to say welcome the Holy and blessed month Ramadan. Countdowns like Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two and one now it’s going to start of blessed month. Now Devils is going to put in chains. Door of heaven is open and hell is close with the starting of Ramadan. When the Ramadan starts the doors of heaven is open and doors of hell are closed.

When the Ramadan count down begins then meetings to make New Schedules regarding Ramadan initiate. With the start of countdown the Offices, Schools, Colleges and universities make new time table for Ramadan. Now Ramadan is starting so be ready yourself to worship and fasting in this holy Month. Many Muslims start practicing for Ramadan by keeping fast in the last ten days of Shahban. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) did fast in shah’ban then any other month.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) explained the preparation of Ramadan as:  “Indeed ahead of you is the blessed month of Allah. It’s a month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness; a month which, with Allah, is the best of months. Its days are the best of days, its nights, the best of nights, and its hours, the best of hours”.

Doctors are also make new schedule of patient’s doses during Ramadan so in short with the starts of Ramadan‘s everyone wants to prepare for this Blessed Month.

With the starting of countdown the Muslims starts to make new schedules of their work so that they spend these blessing moments with their family. They want to spend more time in prayer and Abadah (worship).

Muslims women starts new arrangement in kitchen and buy materials that’s requires during Ramadan like in Aftari and Sehri. They also make new time table in order to spend more time in Allah’s worship. Many people who are interested in i’tkaf have to finished works before 20th of Ramadan.

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