Relationship Between Islam And Science

Islam means obedience to the will of Allah. Islam covers our private life and makes us aware from our duties towards the society. On the other hand science is the systematic study of the physical universe and is a unique attempt to explain nature and behavior of things.  Allah has revealed many uncertain secrets of nature in the Holy Quran that has been further explained by the science that is the main reason for knotting the science and Islam into strong relationship.

Science is based upon the study of universe and life in a dignified manner that is also connected with the perception of Tawhid means oneness of God. Tawhid has been regarded as one of the main foundation pillars of Islam. In Islamic religion the main concentration is making the Muslims aware from the beauty of God and its surroundings. Allah has explained the whole nature in a detailed way in Holy Quran. Quran had existed since the beginning of the universe. Every single word in Quran is the God word, perfect and pure. The vast and enormous knowledge of science bring back those Muslims who have somehow made themselves separate from the Islam. Science explains each and every single concept of Islam in much enhanced and proper manner.

There are certain people who prefer much to the understanding of science and neglect the Islam by considering it a superstitions, blind faith and useless customs but such people should never forget that these facts of science that they recommend so much has its main roots derived from the Islam. Science is knowledge; pure, objective and imperial engaged in making life easier and less painful. The true spirit of Islam lies in search and discovery of truth and the main motive of Islam are also to make his mankind realize about the hidden secrets of God in appropriate pattern.

At the end it is basically appeared that every Muslim has to obey the rules and regulations of Islam and work according to their priorities and preferences. In a same way it is for the whole society to ensure that science is used as a means and instrument that enables the person to get even more closely and near to the God by exploring his natural and merciful blessings through the scientific inventions. Therefore it is generally regarded that science and Islam has some strong relationship that can only be understood if we compare them in sophisticated manner.

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