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Roze Ki Fazilat In Urdu

Roze Ki Fazilat In Urdu: In this article we will be putting light on the Ramazan Raze ki Fazilat in Urdu. As we all know that the Holy month of blessed Ramadan has been all entered in all the Islamic countries of this planet. This is the only month that knocks all the houses just once in month. Ramadan is said to be the month that is dedicated just for taking the test of Muslims.

In this one month the Muslims has to fast just for their God and entering them into his followers list. This month comes after every 11.5 months. This month can arrive either in summer or in winter because the Lunar Calendar moves backward in rotation.


 Roze Ki Fazilat In Urdu



Allah’s Apostle took an oath that he would abstain from his wives, and at that time his leg had been sprained (dislocated). So he stayed in the Mashruba (an attic room) of his for 29 days. Then he came down, and they (the people) said, “O Allah’s Apostle! You took an oath to abstain from your wives for one month.” He said, “The month is of twenty nine days.”

The month of Ramadan arrives after sighting of Moon. The departure of the Ramadan after 30 days brings the gift of Eid ul Fitr for all those people who have fast for one whole month just for their God. From the dawn till the sun set the Muslims have to keep them away from all the food and drinks. They just want to spend out their entire day in worshipping the God and reciting the Holy Quran. In the winter the Ramadan day is small because the sun set earlier. All sorts of fights, abusing language, alcohol and smoking are forbidden in the month of Ramadan. This month brings along many lessons along with it. As on one side the Muslim make him free from all the bad deeds then on other hand it even give them the chance of getting closer with the God.


“The Prophet said, “Whoever does not give up forged speech and evil actions, Allah is not in need of his leaving his food and drink (i.e. Allah will not accept his fasting.)”

So in this way we have all ended with the detailed discussion of Roze ki Faizlat in Urdu. We are sure that through this article would have get clear idea about the prominence and importance of Holy month of Ramadan.

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