Ramadan 2017

The Last Ten Days of Ramadan

Last Ten Days of Ramzan

Ramadan the blessed month is going on and we are beneficing from this holy month. Muslims are praying and keeping fast. Although all month is full of god blessing but the last ten days of Ramadan (Third Ashra) are very vital and better to the early two Ashra. The importance of last ten days is associated with Lailatul Qadar and I’tkaf.

As Laila tul Qadar the night of poweris better then thousands of night come in last ashra and Muslims practice I’tkaf in last ten days of Ramadan that’s why Last Ashra is considered more blessed. The Holy Quran began to be revealed on the Night of Power during the month of Ramadan.

As Allah Says in Quran:

“Verily! We have sent it (this Qur’an) down in the Night of Decree (Lailatul-Qadr). And what will make you know what the Night of Decree is? The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. Therein descend the angels and the Rooh (i.e. Gabriel) by Allah’s Permission with all Decrees, Peace! until the appearance of dawn.” (Sura’ Al-Qadr 97: 1-5)

Mostly Muslims gave Zakat to poor in the Last Ashra of Ramadan. Last ten days of Ramadan is also important for poor.

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