The Real Muslim Brotherhood

Islam is the name of love, purity, sacrifice, brotherhood and oneness of Allah. Islam teaches us to give and spread love with others and this care and affection can easily be observed in the religious events. Islamic festivals allow the people to get together and share their joys and feelings united. These festivals unite us in our love of God as much as of each other. All the Muslims celebrate these festivals with great zeal and zest. The Muslims generation is being widespread in many parts of the world such as Asia, Africa and Europe. They are recognized to be a combined and united community that symbolizes the passion of brotherhood among the Muslims.

There was a time when Islam was one of the shimmering religions in the history but somehow this brightness is not observed in the brotherhood of Muslims. The extreme relationship of brotherhood in Muslims in the whole world is the need of hour. Only the shine of brotherhood can bring back the glory of Islam back. Their belief in god and Holy Quran is the true basis for their unity and brotherhood. They should not allow the differences of classes in between them. As we know that Muslims countries are immensely surrounded by the enemy and rival countries therefore it is needed by all the Muslims to get together and tie them up tightly to fight against the rivals of Islam.

In addition Islam also teaches his followers to set back with the Jihad for those countries who see the Islam religion with untidy eyes. This form of fight against the non Muslims is also one of the way for expressing the tremendous impression and feeling of brotherhood towards the Muslim community. Jihad is the exertion of efforts for the cause of God. It must begin in the hearts of every true Muslim against the evils of his or her own soul. Unluckily different Muslim societies and communities did not take the requisite measures necessary for the supremacy of truth, justice and fair play in the Jihad struggle against evil, injustice and cruelty.

On the end after the wholesome brief discussion it is concluded that the actual brotherhood should not appeared in the religious events only but the real brotherhood can only be reflected when the one Muslin helps the other Muslim brother in the need of hour. We should set an example Muslim brotherhood before the world so that we should proud of being the Muslim.

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