Top Islamic History Books

Top Islamic History Books: In this article we will be mentioning the names of some of the popular and yet the top Islamic history books. We often have been seen that there are numerous and millions of people that have accepted Islam recently and they are always seeking to learn the history of Islam for increasing their knowledge and learning.

There is no doubt about the fact that Quran has been covered with all the aspects of human life and taught every single concept of human society and universe but still some Islamic books have been enclosed with such realities and secrets of nature that probably could not be much understood from the Holy Quran.

Most of the books have been introduced in the English while many people that want to relate with every single concept in simple language they make the choice of purchasing books in Urdu language. Below is the list of some of the top Islamic history books in English and Urdu language.


  • Restatement
  • Sermon of Ghadir
  • Nfasul Mahmoom
  • Story of Holy Kaba
  • Histroy Behind Masjid Jamakaran


  • Anwar-ul-Qum
  • Salim Bin Qais Halali
  • Fathe Mubeen
  • Tareek Madina Munawara
  • Tareek Makkah Mukarrama

Well these have been some of the most known and hugely top Islamic books that helps majority of the people to get back into the Islamic history. These books have been switched with all the hard works of the Muslims that they have been given for granting success to the Islam. It even gives away the knowledge about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) lifestyle and the way he lives the life simply and in plain modes. In addition, all those people that have been arrived into the Islamic circle newly they would be able to get proper know how about the importance and significance of prayers, God blessings and so as the vital place of Ramadan in the Islamic society. These books surely help all the Muslims and non-Muslims to find the actual meaning of their existence in this universe and what their moral duties are as being a human being.

Well we are sure that all the people would definitely going to buy all such Islamic books after reading this article. We are confident enough that all these books will going to help you a lot in increasing your knowledge and concepts about the Islam.

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