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Top Islamic Names:If you are searching for some top Islamic names for your new born child then just stop the search right now because in this article we will be giving you all the details about the Islamic names. As we all know that with the passage of time Islam has been growing more and more powerful in very hook and corner of the world. By keeping this view in mind, there are many parents that prefer keeping their child names after the names of Prophets and important people in Islam.

The boys are named after the Holy Prophet and other main Prophets whereas the girls are named after the prominent female personalities in Islamic History. Every single day we have listened some new names and hence these names are quite difficult and complicated but there meanings surely take away the hearts of all the people. In this further article we will share some of the top Islamic names of boys and girls.


  • Abu Bakar
  • Bilal
  • Muhammad
  • Abdullah
  • Saddiq
  • Iman
  • Ali
  • Hassan
  • Hussain
  • Hadi


  • Khadija
  • Mariam
  • Sara
  • Fatima
  • Jannat
  • Kaiynat
  • Bint-e-Fatima
  • Syeda Khanum

Well in all these names we can see one thing quite common that all these names relate with the pass history of Islam. These names have been somehow connected with the Islamic personalities and so as the Prophets. These days the girl names are normally seen after the names of the daughters or wives of Holy Prophet. Apart from all such names, there have been many numerous and plentiful names that can be seen in almost every family. In addition, there have been special books that are associated with the Islamic names and most of the people take down the names from such books.

After this detailed explanation regarding the Islamic names we can conclude the fact that Islamic names are getting exceptional famous in the society besides keeping the modern names. This would even enable the child as well to feel that he or she special and would eventually drive them on the path of Islam. The people can even take help from the websites as well. So all the people who have newly born baby we hope that this article would have helped you a lot in keeping the Islamic names of your baby.

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