Ufone Hajj Offer 2013

Have you listened about the Ufone Hajj Offer 2013? Ufone is one of the famous and leading mobile brands in Pakistan. This brand is famously much known amongst the teenagers. Every time this brands has arrived with some fresh ideas and services for their customers. Not just their packages but their advertisements are also hugely loved by the public. As we know that the Hajj occasion has arrived so this time Ufone has came forward with their Ufone Hajj Offer.

There are many families that are departed away from their beloved ones for the whole one month and in such families there are even parents who are away from their children. But Ufone has all arrived with their package just for such people. Ufone has made the declaration for per second charges on all the calls that will be made within the Saudia Arabia and all the calls that will be made from Pakistan in Saudia Arabia. This service has been activated on all the prepaid customers of the Ufone. The customers can make the call at Rs.1 at the rate of per second and all such people that are making the calls from anywhere in the world in Saudia Arabia they will cost Rs.0.15 for the per second charges.

As the Ufone services will not be provided in the Saudia Arabia so the people of Saudia Arabia has to avail the Etisalat for achieving this offer. Now let us look over at some of the main rules and terms involves in the package:

  • This offer has been just mentioned for the prepaid customers and all the post paid customers cannot take the pleasure from this offer.
  • This offer is just valid from 27th September till 10th December 2012.
  • The people of Saudia Arabia can make the calls at the rates of Rs.1 and all the people from all over the world can make the call at Rs.0.15 per second.
  • There will be no extra charges for the availing the package as it is free of cost.
  • The per second charges will just be followed on such calls that will be made from Saudia Arabia or all such calls that will be received in Saudia Arabia.

On the whole all such people who have still not take into the account with this offer they should get connect now because your loved ones in Saudia Arabia would be waiting for listening your voice.

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