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Welcome Ramadan 2011

Welcome Month of Ramadan 2011

 We are fortunate that we are going to have Ramadan once again this year and yes we must consider ourselves lucky that Allah has blessed us with this month, again. And indeed we are, as Allah Almighty has given us a chance to ask for forgiveness for our sins which we committed consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly.

This month showers blessings on every Muslim. This is the month which nights are the best nights, it’s the month which days are the best days and hours are the best hours among all the hours of the days. And in this month the sawab of offering prayers is hundred times more than the ordinary days and months.

So, we must welcome this month with warmth. This is the month which brings happiness for everyone. It brings Muslims closer who were apart or living in far off places for a long time.

This month gives the opportunity to them to greet one another to share their happiness and enjoy prosperity whether for the time being but this month is really a month of blessings, prayers, fasting and self sacrifice.

I pray that this month may give us peace and prosperity, good health and wealth and brighten our lives and our country Pakistan, Ameen. May this month help us to walk on the right path today and forever, Ameen.

May this month of Ramadan illumine the whole world with the spirit of Islam and bring peace and harmony among all the nations of the world.




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