What Are The Limits Of Hijab?

Do you know that what are the limits of Hijab? When it comes to taking hold over the discussion of Hijab then it would surely take many hours for the long ongoing conversation and big debate.

There are many people and many countries that strongly believe that the women should make Hijab as one of the main part of her life clothing but at the same time there are many countries who have the faith in the real freedom of the women and they never forbid their women to wear Hijab. But all such countries are not aware from the fact that the actual freedom of the women is even possible in Hijab as well.

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In Holy Quran and Sunnah the importance of Hijab has been highlighted in different prospects and concerns.

  1. Hijab is one such clothing that make the women feel protective in houses and walls, private quarters and howdahs where no such foreign men do not see any part of their persons, garments or external or internal adornment, or any part of their body, including the face, the hands and the remainder of  the body.
  2. In Hijab or Burqa mostly the hands and face is visible or the eyes and rest of the body parts are hidden out right from the beginning from above the head to the foot.

Islam has always given away its very first and final importance to Hijab when it comes to the women. In the Holy Quran it has been stated that Hijab means “Stay in your Houses”.

In Holy Quran it has been stated that: “And when ye ask of them anything, ask it of them from behind a veil” (Qur’an 33:53). This verse was highlighted during the happening of walimah of Hazrat Zaynab (Allah be pleased with her) in which her veil was put in between her and her husband.

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