What Is Dawah?

Dawah is an Arabic word that is immensely used in the spread of Islam. Its real meaning of Dawah is to order to proclaim someone. As this term is specifically used in Islam therefore many Islamic preachers and traditions makes this word as being inviting the other people towards Islam. This activity is even handled by the mosques and Islamic centers that enforce the Muslims to get them even more closely and near to the teachings of island in a form of gatherings. The person who spread this invitation is given the name of “Dawai” who makes the people to attend the Islamic events taking place in the Mosques. Let us discuss the role of Dawah and its eminent importance in the Islamic history.

The word of Dawah comprises of two meaning in Islamic culture. In the early Islamic stages this term was used for describing the Day of Judgment. It has been even briefly described in the Holy Quran. As it specifies such form of invitation that is usually ordered by the Allah to his mankind for living the life according to the rules of Allah. However in the present era this term is further easily described by the mankind itself that performs the duty of Allah by engaging the Muslims towards his teachings and makes them realize about the actual meaning of their existence.

When we talk the intention of Dawah it does not get limited to the Muslims only as it also includes inviting the non Muslims towards the teachings of Islam. It makes them know well about the information emerging into the verses of the Holy Quran and it sometimes do happen that many non Muslims get themselves turned towards the valuable teachings of Islam and as a result this makes the Muslim community and society grows much gigantic and larger in the whole world. In the past centuries of Islam this process was eventually carried out by Prophet but now the believed Muslim community set their back and decided to transfer the teachings of Islam and God from one person to another in a simple and pure structure of Dawah.

After the brief discussion of Dawah it is revealed that this pure process certainly makes the thousands and millions of Muslims to get in touch with the God and his teaching much enhanced manner and get to know the Islam in much better way.

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