Who Is Allah?

Many people in this world have a false misunderstanding that likewise Christians Muslims also worship many Gods. Therefore they use the word of God in their prayers. But that’s not true anymore because God is the English word for Allah that is used by the Muslims. There is no doubt that Muslims worship and believe in Moses, Jesus and Noah but it doesn’t mean that we should consider them as their God. These are distinguished as the Prophets of Islam in the Islamic history. However there are numerous religions that have blended the plentiful teachings of Islam with many manmade concepts.  This article discusses the significance of Allah and makes the people conscious about its real meaning.

When we get a brief look over some of the Arabic countries we mostly found that much of these countries make the excessive usage of word Allah in their prayers that the main reason behind it is that God is an English word whereas Allah is an Arabic word and this word cannot be turned into the plural form by any religion.

Moreover another eminent thing about this word is that Christians uses the word EI in their worship that is massively similar to the word Allah. As the people began to translate the Bible they make the utilization of EI in excessive manner that particularly specifies the word God, Angel or god. Islam has fully allowed all the religions to have their own meanings of God but it doesn’t seem to be appropriate to combine the presence of Allah with numerous other Gods of different religions.

As Allah is an Arabic word that purely means one God or true God. As the Muslim speaks the word from its tongue he or she directly gets connected with his God.   But there are still some people who are getting into the stages of realizing the true meaning of God as they believe that Muslims make the use of God to represent Allah in a same way Christians use Jesus, French called Diou and Hebrews prayers Yahweh.

They all have their own concepts of God therefore people are not actually ready to get themselves enriched by having sufficient details about the God. At the end it is concluded that besides noticing the irrelevant beliefs of other religions it is essential to believe our God and let the other religions have their own manner of worshiping their God. Allah is one and this faith can make us true Muslim in the eyes of God.

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