Ramadan 2017

Why Do Muslims Fast?

In the month of Ramadan we have mostly notice that almost all the fast keeping Muslims spend their whole day either sleeping or either standing dull and we normally think that if the person has to spend the whole day in such conditions then why do Muslims fast?

Well this question would probably revolve in our minds every year in the timings of Ramadan. But still we are unanswerable. Is fast means lying on bed? Is fast means sleeping the whole entire day? The answer would certainly be no because this month has been regarded as one of the most blessed months in Islamic calendar and this is the just month when God arrives on the earth with his merciful blessings.

Why Do Muslims Fast?

But unfortunately most of the Muslims are still unaware from this fact. They discover it much complicated to remain hungry for the whole day therefore they gave their favoritism to the sleep for spending the whole day. The process of fasting is not just observed in Islam only. There are so far many religions that are practicing the fasting method for quite long centuries. In Hinduism the religion of Sanskrit also carries out the fasting method named as Vaasa.

Additionally, in all such religions the fasting is kept just for removing your past sins and evils but in Islam the arrival of Ramadan brings along the sole chance for the Muslims to draw closer to their God and gained all his blessings. Once when the Holy prophet was asked a question that “What is the best deed?” He replied, “Fasting, for there is nothing equal to it”.

This small verse clarifies all the fast meaning and its prominence in the Islam. The month of Ramadan is the only month that gives away the message of the happiness and joy for upcoming religious festivals. This month makes the person realize concerning the importance of food and the way the poor people are dealing with their lifestyle. Hence, the person gets closer to the actuality of equality in all the poor and rich people.

On the whole we normally conclude out the point that there is no such Muslim that would deny down the extreme significance of the Ramadan and fasting because it completes the Islam and Muslim. No matter whether the person is living he or she will never forget to fats for God and his blessings. We are sure that these factors would have make it clear the question that why do Muslims fast.

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