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Women in Islam

Women in Islam: Islam is the religion which covers all the aspects of life and it accommodates every person with the right position Women in Islam. Especially Islam gave a great importance to the women in the society this is because of the women was in the most miserable condition before Islam and he was not given a suitable place in the society which she deserves.

Women in Islam

She was treated as slave of the man. In the dark ages man used the woman just for his pleasure. A woman occupies different roles from his birth to the old age. Let me explain some distinct sayings about the women rights and their importance at every role.

Women as a Daughter:

about the daughter Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that “don’t say bad to the father of the baby daughter because I am also a father of daughters”  The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) respect of his daughter Hazrat Fatima (Allah be Pleased with her) is a great lesson for the father of the baby daughter. When Hazrat Fatima came to the Holy prophet (Peace be upon him) Holy Prophet welcome her by standing from his position.

On the other place Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said When a baby daughter born ALLAH Azawajall says to that baby daughter that go on earth I will must help your father.

When women becomes a mother his respect and regards increases and Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that the Jannah is under the feet of your mother.

Islam gave the system of veil to the women to save her from the bad eyes of the strangers. The veil means to give the security to the woman; it does not mean to suffocate her. She is allowed to keep his face and hands out of veil.

Islam stressed upon the education of the woman because the first school for the children is the cradle of the mother and an educated woman can teach well to her children. It is a known saying that for the educated and well behaved society the woman should be educated. If a woman is keen to learn and want to become doctor, engineer or in some other field like teaching then Islam does not have any objection on these acts of woman.

It is the beauty of Islam that it gives the rights to the woman even in matrimonial cases. She has the right to select the life partner of her own choice. This was not allowed in the dark ages. The right of Khulah is also one of the major rights given to woman in Islam. Khulah is the right given to woman to take separation from his husband in case of any objection like if the husband cannot afford her daily needs.

The right of second marriage after the death of her husband is also the prominent feature of Islam. In the old ages before Islam the woman was not allowed to do so.

This topic is too long and we could not sum up this topic into few words. In short the woman is gifted with large number of qualities and she can participate in the prosperity of the nation.

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