Yome Ashura

The history of Islam cannot overlook the month of Muharram. The most special days of the Muharram are 9th and 10th Muharram. The day of 10th Muharram has been given the title of Ashura in 2012. On this day the Hazrat Hussain lay down their life for Islam in the Battle of Karbala. Hazrat Hussain Ibn Ali was the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Those people who undertaken this month for martyrdom they are named as Shia. It has been stated by the Shia Muslim culture that during the Ashura day the Muslims must fast because the Holy Prophet has also make down the fast during this day and he even affirmed other Muslims as well that they should keep the fast.

Yome Ashura 2012

In all the Muslim countries including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Libya and Pakistan and even in India a public holiday is commenced on the day of Ashura. This day is celebrated with great passion and all the Shia community showcases their love towards Hazrat Hussain. It has been so far founded that just the Shia community follow the tradition of fast but that’s not true anymore because even the Muslim Community keep the fast for following the recommendations of Holy Prophet.

Furthermore the Jews community used to fast at the tenth Muharram therefore Holy Prophet has stated that our concept must be diverse from the Jews. In such situations he stated that the fast must be held on ninth, tenth and even eleventh Muharram.

In 2012 Ashura will be held on Saturday on the date of 24th November.  But according to the Islamic Calendar Muslims must start offering the Ashura just after the sunset so by keeping in view the Islamic followings the Ashura will be initiated on 23rd November 2012 on Friday after the evening sunset.

However, the dates of the Ashura may differ as the Georgian Calendar is solar whereas the Islamic Calendar is the Lunar therefore the dates may get different but the way of martyrdom will remain the same.

Well on the whole this day is all about making the people feel sad about the death of Hazrat Hussain and all the Muslims and even Shia community gets gather together and show their love through long marches and lectures on the television. This would make the people aware from additional facts and figures regarding the commencement of Ashura and the main aspects involved in its offerings.

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